About Plan C and Privilege

Plan-C has a lot of experience in the world of crypto currencies and is excellently networked. While Plan-C focuses on classic mining, investment in Altcoins and ICOs and participation in lucrative crypto companies (long-term profits), Privilege is increasingly focusing on master nodes, staking coins and trading. This enables Privilege to react very quickly to opportunities and changes in the crypto market and thus achieve fast and lasting profits.

  • We are in Georgia because here we have found ideal conditions for crypto-businesses, both from a legal point of view and in terms of favourable costs for electricity and employees.
  • We could have eliminated returns through low costs.
  • Privilege is one of the fairest programs on the market.
  • Since the master node coins do not invest in hardware that can become obsolete and the coins are retained, the risk with privilege is very low.
  • You are welcome to visit us in Georgia at any time by arrangement.